Links to Publishers

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It has been said that publishing poetry is more a demonstration of love than it is of sanity – especially for the small independent publisher. The constant search for funds; finding stores willing to stock the books; putting aside time to read submissions carefully; dealing with correspondence and authors; often balancing all of this with ‘real’ jobs and families: it’s a wonder anyone takes the task on. A major objective of the SHCDA is to acknowledge the accomplishments of publishers and every effort has been made to note the (single-author) published source of performed works. With that in mind, we appreciate being contacted when mistakes are spotted and updates have been missed.

Apart from those looking to locate published sources of performed texts, this list might be of use to those looking for a publisher. If so, please read the submissions policy of your intended targets carefully before sending work. And please remember that this is a list of publishers whose authors are represented in the SHCDA. It is not a list of every potential publisher. Please also note that prose as well as poetry publishers are included.

Where there is no website for a publisher, a mailing and/or email address has been provided.