Recommended Reading

For though the nature of that we conceive be the same, yet the diversity of our reception of it, in respect of different constitutions of body and prejudices of opinion, gives everything a tincture of our different passions.
—Thomas Hobbes, from Leviathan, 1651

The following has been compiled with an eye towards assisting critical appreciation of the poetry reading. But what do we mean by the term ‘poetry reading’? The answer can be problematic. There are many genres and sub-genres, each a product of historical and socio-political influences, with our appreciation of them swayed by the critical perspectives we adopt.

This list reflects an interest in placing ‘the poetry reading’ (the slam, the open-mic, the academically sanctioned, the book launch, the festival reading, etc.) alongside ethnographic studies that examine a broad spectrum of performance cultures the world over. The resultant theories, developed around how cultures employ both oral and written/printed texts, provide useful models of how we might begin to unravel the dynamics of any poetry reading.

The list also references seminal works on performance and reception theory that address the power of language to shape our lives, as well as how we physically produce and respond to sound.

As with all such lists, there will be works that readers think should have been included. We are open to constructive suggestions. Please see here, to contact the SHCDA with any such suggestions.

Please see Poetry Audio Archives for a list of recommended poetry recording archives


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