Queen's and World War One 

Notes on entries in the Book of Remembrance

Details of those members who had been students at Queen's are recorded in the Queen's Entrance Registers and the information given is their name, date of birth, place of birth, their father's name, address and occupation (though the occupation is rarely recorded), the school they attended prior to entering Queen's and the faculty they entered.

The details of those members of the Queen's Officer Training Corps who were not Queen's students but who had joined the OTC up to and including the academic year 1914-1915 are also recorded in the Queen's Entrance Registers. These men were registered as being external students in the Faculty of Arts. However, from the academic year 1915-1916 onwards details of the members of the Queen's Officer Training Corps who were not students of the University are not given in the Queen's Entrance Registers.

The Queen's Officer Training Corps Record of Services of the Territorial Force (PRONI MIC 204) record the name, address, date of birth, date of entry into the OTC, the religion, the occupation of the member (this is usually a type of occupation e.g. commercial, medicine, or engineering), their OTC record and details of the regiments they enlisted in. Some of the registered students of Queen's are entered in the OTC registers though not all of them joined the OTC prior to enlistment in the armed forces. For example some had graduated and left Queen's before the Queen's OTC had been established in August 1908 and others had enlisted after 1916 when the new regulations for the training of officers had been introduced by the War Office and they entered the Officer Cadet Battalion rather than the University Officer Training Corps.

For all members of the Queen's Officer Training Corps it is possible to cross-reference their names with the censuses of Ireland 1901 and 1911 which provides more biographical information particularly their occupation, religion and place of birth.

It is worth noting that the home addresses which are recorded are as when the person either completed the Queen's entrance forms or when they were entered into the Queen's OTC registers and they may not be the last address where the OTC member lived.

Also for a period in the OTC Record of Service 1914-1950 whoever was filling out the register did not include the date-of-birth or religion of the person joining the OTC.