Queen's and World War One 

Establishment of the Queen's University
Officer Training Corps

The Belfast University contingent of the Officers Training Corps was created, along with corps in twenty three other universities in Britain, as a result of the Haldane Reforms of the British Army. In 1906 Lord Haldene, the Secretary of State for War, decided to address the problem of the shortage of trained officers in the army. He set up a Committee in 1907 and it recommended that an Officer Training Corps be formed, a senior division to be based in universities and a junior division to be based in schools. The Officer Training Corps were established by Royal Warrant in April 1908 and the Belfast University Officer Training Corps was formed on 21 August 1908.

In April 1910 in an effort to provide more facilities for the Officer Training Corps the Senate of Queen's University decided to set up an advisory committee of military instruction and it also approved the building of a Drill Hall on university grounds for the Corps. The Drill Hall was formally opened on 20 November 1912 by Brigadier-General Count Gleichen, the officer commanding the troops in Belfast.

Architectural plan of the Drill Hall, opened November 1912