Queen's and World War One 

Professor Gregg Wilson, Commanding Officer of the Queen's OTC, 1911-1920

Major Gregg Wilson was the Commanding Officer of the Queen's University Officers Training Corps from 1911-1920 and he succeeded Captain H. H. B Cunningham who had commanded the Corps since its formation in 1908. Gregg Wilson had been the Professor of Natural History and Geology in Queen's College Belfast from 1902-1909 and thereafter the Professor of Zoology in the Queen's University of Belfast, 1909-1931.

It is recorded in the Queen's University Officer Training Corps Record of Officers of the Territorial Force, 1909-1915 (Public Records Office of Northern Ireland MIC 204) that Gregg Wilson obtained the rank of Major in November 1910 and he was attached to the 1st Norfolk Regiment in Holywood, county Down. He was also the Commandant of the School of Instruction for Young Officers in Queen's University Belfast from September 1914 - July 1916.

Gregg Wilson, Commanding Officer of the Queen’s University Officer Training Corps and Professor of Zoology