Queen's and World War One 

The Ulster Volunteer Force Hospital at Queen's

In November 1914 the Ulster Volunteer Force made an offer to the War Office that a complete military hospital could be built and furnished in Belfast. The War Office accepted the offer and the military hospital was initially established in the Exhibition Hall in the Botanic Gardens.

The hospital soon needed to expand and the War Office approached Queen's University with a request that the hospital be extended into the University grounds. The University Senate agreed to the request in November 1914 and a series of wooden huts were built near the university's boundary with the Botanic Gardens. The UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) hospital, as it was known, was extended again in 1915 and 1917. In February 1917 the University Senate also agreed to a request from the Committee of the UVF Hospital to hand over part of the Students' Union and in July 1918 the whole of the Union building was handed over for the use of the hospital.

In the early years of the war, the UVF hospital treated injured soldiers who had fought on the French and Belgian fronts and as the war progressed the injured from other fronts and theatres of war such as Gallipoli, Salonica and the Middle East were also treated there. In the hospital there was a workshop which made tailored artificial limbs for those servicemen who had lost limbs during the fighting.

Photographs of the Ulster Volunteer Force Hospital, undated, [1915-1919]