Queen's and World War One 

The War Memorial

The Queen's War Memorial, which was erected in memory of those members of the University and its Officer Training Corps who died in World War One, was first dedicated on 21 July 1924 by the Duke of York (who later became King George VI) accompanied by the Duchess of York. The War Memorial was designed by Sir Thomas Brock, however, he died before he could finish the work and it was completed by F Arnold Wright. The Memorial is a depiction in bronze of a winged Victory sustaining a fallen youth. All of the names of those who died in conflict during this War are recorded on bronze tablets on the Memorial.

In 1947 it was decided that the names of those members of the University who had died in conflict during World War Two should also be inscribed on bronze tablets to be placed on the plinth of the War Memorial. The re-dedication of the War Memorial took place on 8 November 1950 in the presence of Field-Marshal Viscount Alanbrook, Chancellor of the University.

The Queen’s War Memorial which was dedicated by the Duke of York (later King George VI), accompanied by the Duchess of York, on 21 July 1924